What we are doing now?

My husband is now working as a Sales Agent in a Funeral Homes in Pasig, a contractual employee now on his 4th month. Thank God he somehow surpassed the challenges in his work field, and seems to be enjoying after his 3-month-adjustment. We are now saving from his salary and we've done everything to make ends meet.

My daughter, who is now on her 9th month, starts to crawl so fast and now learning to stand on her own. While I am continuing our home business, having a hard time to do everything on my own.

Our home business before my husband got a job is a printing business. Using our laptop and a dye inked inkjet printer, we started our homebased printing shop. We asked permission from my in-laws to build physical shop in the garage a small. First few days was hard. Now I  realized that our first challenge in this business is on how to survive the first week, first month, then the next month. Maintaining our  business operation is one of our tough demur. Improving our lay-out, establishing our work flow, revising our operational procedure, addressing our permits and how to make things work for us are only some of our dilemma. 

Now that my husband is working then our child is growing, I can say that I am having a hard time to cater our online orders and at the same time take care of my daughter, then still have to do when will I finish my household chores. It is like choosing between beating order's deadline vs. meet the needs of my daughter. Much better if I will choose the later, right?

That is the reason why we can't make time writing a blog; but then for the past few day, I have tried to make time writing, and it make me realized that writing makes me stress-free. That is why from this day forward, you, our reader will be my inspiration in writing. I will continue blog that my spouse started.

I will try my best to make it up to you, as I will try to write helpful articles for you guys!

If you have anything to share, feel free to contact us thru email pindotsmicro@gmail.com. And if you have spare time, check our online printing shop Pindots Microenterprise.



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